Nature’s Wrath

Devastation has been wrought upon our corner of the planet by the Wicked Witch of the East Coast, a.k.a. Hurricane Sandy.  Thankfully nobody in the band was hurt, but our studio was flooded with five feet of water and we lost a bunch of gear. A setback for sure, but that hasn’t stopped us from pitching in to help some of our neighbors who weren’t as fortunate. Let me tell you, nothing puts your problems in perspective like walking the streets of New Dorp Beach, seeing houses ripped apart, people’s whole lives piled out in the streets, and helping someone you just met remove flood-damaged appliances and wet drywall from their house. The cleanup effort is going to take a long time, and there are some well-organized groups of regular citizens doing amazing work to help those who have been affected. If you can give your time or money to any of these causes, please do:

Staten Island Strong

Rebuild Staten Island

Occupy Sandy

We are playing a benefit show on Dec 14 at the Full Cup in Staten Island.  Info and tickets are available here.

Upcoming Tour Dates

As for official band business, we have a bunch of tour dates coming up in the early months of 2013. We’re excited to announce that for the first time The Budos Band will be going to Australia! It’s only for one gig, so if you don’t live in Sydney and you want to see us, let’s make a deal: we will fly halfway around the world to Australia, and you meet us in Sydney.  Sound good?

We’re also doing another 2-day California run, hitting Mezzanine in SF and the Echoplex in LA.  We are fully psyched to return to our favorite West Coast party towns, hang with our West Coast peeps, and escape the New York winter for a few days!

Then in February, The Budos Band heads back to the good old EU, for a week-long run! We’ll be visiting a bunch of places we’ve been, and a few new ones as well. Click here for the full list!

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